Tim Angus

Economic development, innovation policy consultant & researcher

Tim Angus is an economic development and innovation policy consultant and researcher and has been working in the field of motorsport for over 25 years. He completed a UK Government funded PhD on the Italian Motorsport Industry in 2001. Tim’s three main areas of expertise within the motorsport industry are:
  • research on the impact of motorsport on economic development and innovation policy for government, for example, to inform inward investment and export marketing strategies;
  • market intelligence on motorsport for the sport’s governing bodies and trade associations;
  • targeted market research for the global motorsport industry.

Tim’s clients have included the UK Government, motorsport trade associations, the FIA and various ASN's, as well as independent businesses in the global motorsport industry. Tim is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Business in Society at Coventry University in the UK. He is also an Associate at Synergy Pathways, a consultancy working for the global motorsport industry. Tim’s work has been widely featured in the specialist motorsport press and the mainstream media (e.g. BBC, FT) and he is co-author of the leading book on the industry - 'Motorsport Going Global' - published by Palgrave.

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